The Township of McNab/Braeside is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and efficient service delivery to residents and visitors alike.


On behalf of the Council and staff of the Township of McNab/Braeside, we hope that your visit to the site will prove seamless and accessible. Over the next few months we will be continuing to update content and make changes that will make it easier for everyone to find the information they need. The friendlier 'look-and-feel' appearance and easy-to-navigate tools, along with more visuals, are also designed to showcase our township. 

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Welcome to the new Township of McNab/Braeside’s website, our window to the Township and the services we provide. It is our goal to provide the public with a clear path to access information, provide transparency, and assist to ensure accountability. I invite you to take a few minutes to explore the available resources on our site.

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The Township is dedicated to making its facilities and programs accessible to everyone.  Work continues on an on-going basis to remove any barriers that may prevent persons with disabilities from being able to gain full access to the Township and also to ensure that Council members, Township employees and volunteers are trained to provide services and assistance to persons with disabilities when required.

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Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish (this document is linked from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website) File Search Request for Septic Locates County of Renfrew General Inquiry Form Application for......Learn more
By-Law Enforcement By-law complaints include: Parking Issues Property Standards Animal Control Zoning Noise Do you wish to register a by-law complaint? If so, please contact the Township Office to fill out a complaint form.......Learn more
pdfOpen Air Burning - 2018-09
pdfAnimal Control - 2018-25
pdfNoise Bylaw - 2011-47
pdfProperty Standards - 2010-18
pdfAuthorize Speed Limits within the Township - 2015-107
pdfRoad Naming & Maps - 2007-57
pdfSite Plan Control - 2000-13
pdf2015-78 Off Road Vehicles
pdf2019-18 Procedural By-Law
pdf2020-16 - Establish Fees and Charges
pdf2013-63 Building
pdf2014-10 - Interim Control
pdf2016-03 - Sale of Land
pdf2012-12 Restricted Vehicle Load
pdf2010-49 Zoning By-Law
pdf2010-49 Zoning By-Law Map 1 West Half
pdf2010-49 Zoning By-Law Map 2 - East Half
pdfZoning By-Law 2010-49 Map 3 - Braeside
pdfZoning By-Law 2010-49 Map 4 - Burnstown
pdfZoning By-Law 2010-49 Map 5 - Glasgow Station
pdfZoning By-Law 2010-49 Map 6 - Mansfield, Sandy Beach, Sandy Hook
pdfZoning By-Law 2010-49 Map 7 - Pine Grove
pdfZoning By-Law 2010-49 Map 8 - Sand Point
pdfZoning By-Law 2010-49 Map 9 - Stewartville
pdfZoning By-Law 2010-49 Map 10 - Waba
pdfZoning By-Law 2010-49 Map 11 - White Lake
pdf2008-51 Official Plan (OPA#12 Pending)
pdf2008-51 Schedule A Map 1 East Half ( OPA #12 Pending)
pdf2008-51 Schedule A Map 2 West Half (OPA #12 Pending)
pdf2008-51 Schedule B Natural Areas and Significant Features (OPA #12 Pending)
pdf2008-05 Animal Control & By-Law Enforcement Officer
pdf2007-19 Flat Rapids Cemetery
pdf2002-15 Refreshment Vehicles Licence
pdf2007-24 Disabled Parking Spaces
pdf2014-37 Parking By-Law
pdf2019-19 Integrity Officer
pdf2015-106 Backyard Chicken By-Law
pdf1998-36 Swimming Pool By-Law
pdf2016-35 Clean Yard By-Law
pdf2014-37 Parking By-Law
pdfDevelopment Charges By-Law
pdf2019-14 Special Event By-Law
pdfOfficial Plan Text
pdfOfficial Plan Schedule A
pdfOfficial Plan M/B Enlargement
pdfOfficial Plan Schedule B Map 1 - Hazards
pdfOfficial Plan Schedule B Map 2 - Infrastructure
pdfOfficial Plan Schedule B Map 3 - Mineral Agg & Mining Resources
pdfOfficial Plan Schedule B Map 4 - Natural Heritage Features
pdfFlat Rapids Cemetery - Fees as amended 2017-54
COUNCIL Council meets on the first & third Tuesday of each month. PLANNING ADVISORY COMMITTEE The Planning Advisory Committee meets on the second Tuesday of each Month. ACCESSIBILITY COMMITTEE Support Staff: CAO, CBO, Admin.......Learn more
MEMBERS OF COUNCIL Council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month. The Planning Advisory Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month. These meetings are all open to the public and the public is encouraged to attend.......Learn more
All documents and forms are reproduced in PDF format for the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have not already downloaded your free reader, go to to get yours. 5 year Public Works Road Rehabilitation Project Change of Address......Learn more
Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan Information Tax Information Collection of Taxes Fee list Audited Financial Statements Asset Management Plan - Dec. 17, 2013 Change of Address 2017 Energy Report 2018 Energy Report 2019 Energy......Learn more

Emergency: 613-623-6000 or 911
Fire Chief Dave Hartwick: 613-623-5756 ext. 233

Mission statement

It is our mission to continually strive to provide prevention, education, and fire and life safety protection services to the residents and visitors of Township of McNab/Braeside. Through teamwork, dedication and training, the members of the McNab/Braeside Fire Service contribute professionally to the department’s success.

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Flat Rapids Cemetery is owned and operated by the Township of McNab/Braeside and located at 533 Mill Ridge Road. Anyone interested in purchasing a plot may contact the Township office at 613-623-5756 ext. 224 or 1-800-957-4621.  Flat......Learn more

All garbage and Blue boxes must be placed at the curb by 7:30 a.m. the day of collection. McNab/Braeside Township policy allows a maximum of two regular sized green garbage bags. Bag size is 26"x 32 ½" or an equivalent container of 67 litres each week.

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All fees and Charges can be found in our Fees and Charges By-Law.

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Tenders, Quotes and Job Postings are posted on the Township website on an as-needed basis and are also published in local newspapers.  Any resumes received by the Township when there are no job openings are placed on file and are not considered for future employment opportunities. 

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The Township of McNab/Braeside’s Planning Advisory Committee is comprised of Council Members and meets on the second Tuesday of each month. 

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This department is responsible for the maintenance of 101 kms of paved and 99 kms of unpaved roads in the Township.

Director of Public Works, Ryan Frew:  613-623-5756 ext. 227
Public Works Supervisor, Kevin Murray:  613-623-5756 ext. 236
Municipal Office: 613-623-5756  ext. 236 or 1-800-957-4621 ext. 236 

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