Final Property Tax Notices will be mailed to all Residential, Farm, Managed Forest, Pipeline, Multi-Residential, Commercial and Industrial property owners in July.  The final tax levy will be split into the same two installments, due on August 31st 2023 and October 31st 2023.


Tax Relief for Low Income Seniors/Disabled

The County of Renfrew sets policy on tax relief for low income seniors or the disabled.  This policy is currently set out in their by-law # 35-12 ( This by-law establishes that tax increases for this group be deferred until the eligible property is sold, at which time any deferred amounts together with accumulated interest thereon shall become a debt payable.  Deferred taxes shall be considered a special tax lien on the property in accordance with s. 319 (14) and 349 of the Municipal Act.  To apply to this program, a copy of the application form and proof of eligibility should be submitted to the Treasurer no later than August 31st of the applicable property tax year.

Municipal Grant Program (not-for-profit, charitable & volunteer groups)

IF you are a not-for-profit, charitable or volunteer group and would like Council to consider making a donation to your organization, please review and complete the attached Municipal Grant Program and Application by September 30.  Municipal...

Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan

***NEW*** PRE-AUTHORIZED PAYMENT PLAN Paying your taxes by pre-authorized payments means eliminating the chore of writing cheques and ensuring your payment reaches the Township office by the due date. You'll never have to worry about...

Tax Information

The Township mails two tax bills each year. The first tax bill is the interim tax bill with two instalments due at the end of March and the end of May. The Interim Tax Bill is calculated at 50% of the previous year's total Taxes Levied. The Final Tax Bill is calculated using the current market value assessment times the tax rates less the interim bill amount, and the balance is divided into two instalments due at the end of August and October.

Collection of Taxes

A PENALTY OF 1¼% per month will be added to any outstanding amount on the 1st day of each month until paid. Failure to receive a Tax Bill does not relieve the Taxpayer from payment of Taxes or Penalty. If a property has changed ownership, please return the Tax Bill to the Township Office.