Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan



Paying your taxes by pre-authorized payments means eliminating the chore of writing cheques and ensuring your payment reaches the Township office by the due date. You'll never have to worry about remembering to make a payment or paying the cost of postage or incurring a possible late fee.

How Does The Plan Work?

There are two different payment plan options: monthly or installment.

The Monthly Payment Plan runs from January to November. Installments are withdrawn on the 15th of each month.  The first six monthly installments (January - June) of each year are based on the prior year annualized taxes plus 2% to help smooth out potential impacts associated with increases in assessment and / or final tax rates. 

After the final tax rates have been established, the remaining monthly payments (July - November) will be adjusted to reflect the balance of taxes owing.

Ratepayers will be provided with a schedule twice a year which will outline the payments throughout the year.

There is no payment in December and the program automatically starts again the following January.

The Installment Payment Plan is based on the tax due dates set for the interim and final tax bills.  The amount due will be withdrawn automatically from your financial institution on the scheduled tax payment due dates.

** NOTE** New charges, such as supplementary and omitted assessments (for improvements or new construction) or outstanding charges added to the tax roll (throughout the year) are not included in the plan.  They must be paid for as they come due. 

How Do I Enroll?

  1. Complete the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Agreement form.

  1. Sign and initial the form where applicable.

  1. For accounts registered under a company / corporation name, please attach a copy of Articles of Incorporation and / or Property Management Agreement.

  1. Enclose a VOID cheque or customer account information provided by your financial institution.

  1. Mail, email or fax your completed application, Articles of Incorporation (if applicable), and banking information to:

  • The Township of McNab/Braeside

2473 Russett Drive

Arnprior, Ontario

K7S 3G8

  • Fax (613) 623 - 9138

When Can I Sign Up and When Do Payments Start?

There are dates to be aware of when considering to join the PAP plan:

  • To start the Monthly Payment Plan in January, an application must be received by the municipal office no later than December 15th. Applications received after December 15th will be enrolled into the plan starting in February.

  • Any applications received after August 31st requesting to enroll into the monthly payment plan will be enrolled in January of the following year.

  • At all other times throughout the year, applications must be received no later than 10 days prior to the withdrawal date.

  • If you miss one of the plan start up dates, you will be required to pay your regular tax installments until the next plan start date.

Other Important Information You Should Know….

  • There are no service charges or fees for enrolling in the plan;

  • The property tax account must be current prior to enrollment in this plan;

  • A service charge will be added to the tax account for any pre-authorized payment(s) that are returned from the financial institution. The charge is based on the Fees & Charges By-Law; 

  • Registration in the plan will be cancelled upon the 2nd returned item within a 12-month period.  If an account is removed from the PAP plan, the property tax account will not qualify to re-enroll in the plan for a (1) year period.  In addition, the property tax account must be paid in full before a new application is processed;

  • Cancellations can only be made by the property owner/law firm acting on your behalf. Banking Institutions cannot cancel enrollment on your behalf.  Notice must be received 10 days prior to the next withdrawal date;

  • Upon cancellation of the PAP plan, the tax account automatically reverts back to the originally scheduled tax due dates and the owner is responsible to make payments.  Where applicable, interest of 1.25% per month will be charged;

  • The Township of McNab/Braeside does not assume responsibility for errors or fees associated with incorrect banking information;

  • Any changes related to banking information or PAP Plan information, must be made at least 10 business days prior to the next withdrawal date;

  • This agreement is not transferable. If you acquire a new property, you must complete a new application.

Pre-Authorized Payment Form