Committees, Boards & Working Groups

Committees of Council extend the reach of Councillors and Township staff to the community. Interested and knowledgeable citizens contribute to the shaping of public policy. 

Standing Committees will meet regularly, usually monthly. Agendas will be published on the Township website and will be open to the public to attend. Where possible, committee meetings will be live streamed and subsequently available on the Township Youtube channel. Draft and approved minutes will be posted on the committee section of the Township website.

A standing committee will exist throughout the term of the Council. At any time, ad hoc committees can be formed by Council for a specific purpose and would dissolve when they have completed their work. 

In all cases, the purpose of a committee is to make recommendations to Township Council. Financial implications and required usage of Township assets should be noted for all recommendations. 

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If you're interested in in being appointed to any Board or External Committee on behalf of the Township, please email Lindsey Lee, CAO/Clerk at 

Budget Committee

Budget Committee - Terms of Reference