Waste Diversion Working Group

Over the past year or so, many residents have expressed concerns about how waste will be handled in the Township in the future. We will be forming a Working Group soon that will research ways to divert materials not included in the Blue Box program from the landfill back into the economy. Many other jurisdictions in Ontario are also looking into waste diversion since the average landfill in Ontario only has 14 years of capacity remaining. We are looking for as many residents as possible who are interested in spending some time on this project for the benefit of their community now and into the future. For an overview, please read "Build a circular economy initiative in your municipality".

Please apply here.

Time commitment is flexible with meetings likely once or twice a month. If you have any questions please email Mayor MacKenzie at mmackenzie@mcnabbraeside.com or call him at (613)433-2781. We look forward to hearing from you!