pdf fileOpen Air Burning - 2018-09
pdf fileAnimal Control - 2018-25
pdf fileNoise Bylaw - 2011-47
pdf fileProperty Standards - 2010-18
pdf fileAuthorize Speed Limits within the Township - 2020-55
pdf fileRoad Naming & Maps - 2007-57
pdf fileSite Plan Control - 2000-13
pdf file2020-56 Off Road Vehicles
pdf file2020-19 Procedural By-Law
pdf file2021-37 - Establish Fees and Charges
pdf file2013-63 Building
pdf file2014-10 - Interim Control
pdf file2016-03 - Sale of Land
pdf file2012-12 Restricted Vehicle Load
pdf file2008-51 Official Plan (OPA#12 Pending)
pdf file2008-51 Schedule A Map 1 East Half ( OPA #12 Pending)
pdf file2008-51 Schedule A Map 2 West Half (OPA #12 Pending)
pdf file2008-51 Schedule B Natural Areas and Significant Features (OPA #12 Pending)
pdf file2008-05 Animal Control & By-Law Enforcement Officer
pdf file2002-15 Refreshment Vehicles Licence
pdf file2007-24 Disabled Parking Spaces
pdf file2014-37 Parking By-Law
pdf file2019-19 Integrity Officer
pdf file2015-106 Backyard Chicken By-Law
pdf file1998-36 Swimming Pool By-Law
pdf file2016-35 Clean Yard By-Law
pdf fileDevelopment Charges By-Law
pdf file2019-14 Special Event By-Law
pdf fileOfficial Plan Text
pdf fileOfficial Plan Schedule A
pdf fileOfficial Plan M/B Enlargement
pdf fileOfficial Plan Schedule B Map 1 - Hazards
pdf fileOfficial Plan Schedule B Map 2 - Infrastructure
pdf fileOfficial Plan Schedule B Map 3 - Mineral Agg & Mining Resources
pdf fileOfficial Plan Schedule B Map 4 - Natural Heritage Features
pdf file2007-19 Flat Rapids Cemetery
pdf fileFlat Rapids Cemetery - Fees as amended 2017-54
pdf file2010-49 - Zoning By-Law Text
pdf file2010-49 Map 1 West Half
pdf file2010-49 Map 2 East Half
pdf file2010-49 Map 3 Braeside
pdf file2010-49 Map 4 Burnstown
pdf file2010-49 Map 5 Glasgow Station
pdf file2010-49 Map 6 Mansfield Sandy Beach
pdf file2010-49 Map 7 Pine Grove
pdf file2010-49 Map 8 Sand Point
pdf file2010-49 Map 9 Stewartville
pdf file2010-49 Map 10 Waba
pdf file2010-49 Map 11 White Lake

By-Law Enforcement

By-law complaints include:

Do you wish to register a by-law complaint? If so, please contact the Township Office to fill out a complaint form. Once you do so, the By-Law Enforcement Officer will be in contact with you.

In case of an emergency, please call 613-809-7048. This is an automated voicemail service, which logs the call to initiate the follow-up for the complaint process. When you call:

Include necessary details: describe the problem, the location, your name, address and phone number (where you can be reached during the day). This information is required for documentation purposes.

The By-law Enforcement Officer will return your call within 2 business days, or if an emergency, as soon as possible.