NEW*** Apply for a Building Permit – ONLINE

Submit your building permit application online using Cloudpermit

New to Cloudpermit? 
Please take a moment to watch this quick video tutorial.

How to apply online:
All permit types can be applied for online. If you are new to the system, you will need to create an account the first time.

Steps for successful submission:

1. Once you login, select “Create New Application”.
Create a name for your project.
3. Find your address using the map, if you cannot find it by typing the address you can scroll through the map or enter it manually.
4. Select the Building Permit Icon, then select the type of permit you would like to apply for.
5. Follow the steps to submitting the required documentation.  Please note that each permit type requires a separate application.

You will be contacted if there is outstanding information or if we have questions regarding your application. 
If you are unable to click submit, you are missing documentation.

For additional resources on using Cloudpermit as an applicant or a building professional, please see Cloudpermit’s guide to comprehensive support articles during the permit application process at the following link:

If you require assistance, please contact our office at 613-623-5756 x 225 or