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Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry - Watershed Conditions Statement - March 29, 2019

Emergency Planning

A copy of the Township's Emergency Plan is available for public viewing at the Municipal Office.  You can also visit the Emergency Management Ontario Web Site at www.emergencymanagementontario.ca for more information.


The best protection in any emergency is knowing what to do at home, at work, in the car or anytime you are away. Create a personal family emergency plan.


1. Build an emergency kit for your home that includes:

  • Supplies to keep you and your family self-sufficient for 72 hours
  •  Important family documents such as important contact numbers, daycare and school information, insurance policies, passports and banking information
  • Special supplies for infants, older adults, persons with disabilities and pets.

2. Create a workplace emergency kit that includes:

  •  Snacks and water
  •  A small quantity of your prescriptions, should you be unable to get home to take them
  • Emergency money and change for transportation home
  •  Batteries or chargers for hand held devices
  • Important contacts and information stored in your handheld device

3. Have people in place as emergency backup to pick up your children from school or daycare, check in with      vulnerable individuals and take care and feed your pets.