Memorial Bench & Tree Program

The Township offers a commemorative bench and tree program as a form of remembrance of a loved one, a celebration of a birth or anniversary or to honour a person’s personal and professional contributions to the community.

Installation and location of benches within municipal parks and facilities shall be at the discretion of the Recreation Committee.

• Purchases of benches and trees shall be made through the Director of Parks & Recreation.

• As per the Township policy, a commemorative name may only be used once.

• Prices and options are subject to change due to number of characters engraved, supplier pricing and availability.

• The department of Parks & Recreation will be responsible for the installation of memorial benches.

• Commemorative benches and trees shall become the property of the Township of McNab/Braeside.

• Donors will submit specific text that they wish to have engraved on the bench name plate or plaque mounted near the tree.

• Donors can select an existing bench or request to have a new bench installed. The Township has final determination for approving a new installation.

• The bench and/or tree must not interfere with the enjoyment of, or accessibility to, park areas and shall not interfere with the general maintenance of the park.

• The Township does not permit the placement of flowers, wreaths, pictures, etc., at the site or the addition of fixtures to or around the donated item.

• Every attempt will be made to notify the donor if the bench and/or tree must be relocated.

• The term of a commemorative memorial bench is ten (10) years. An additional ten-year term can be purchased at the time of the initial purchase.

• The maintenance of the bench shall be the responsibility of the Township for a period of 10 years unless the donor purchased an additional 10-year term. If an additional term is not purchased, the Township reserves the right to remove the bench after the ten-year term expires and/ or the bench has become unsafe or unsightly.

• Commemorative trees will be watered for a three-year period. The tree will be replaced by the Township, free of charge to the applicant, within five years of original planting date if the tree does not survive, is damaged or vandalized.

• The Township will provide one (1) replacement memorial bench, if the memorial bench is destroyed, stolen, becomes unsafe or unsightly. There is a maximum of (1) free replacement for each 10-year term; replacement benches do not carry over into the additional/extension year.

• The donation of a bench and/or tree is tax deductible. Those wishing receipts for tax purposes must submit full payment within the applicable calendar year

For more information or to inquire, contact Andrea

(613) 623-5756 x226