Energy East is a proposal of TransCanada Pipelines to convert an existing natural gas pipeline to one capable of carrying crude oil from Alberta to Saint John, New Brunswick, for export.

Energy East will require a recommendation from the National Energy Board (NEB) to Federal Cabinet for approval. As part of the approval process, the NEB will conduct public hearings. Members of the public and interested parties have applied to the NEB to intervene (present their opinions).

The pipeline in the Township

Two pipelines cross the Township of McNab/Braeside and go underneath the Madawaska River:

  • one will remain a natural gas pipeline
  • the other larger one (42 inches in diameter, except where it crosses the river, where it is 36 inches) will be converted

The pipeline to be converted to carry crude oil will be enlarged to 42 inches in diameter underneath the Madawaska River. This will be done by using a technique called horizontal directional drilling.

In the revised plan, a pumping station will now be required and will be located somewhere in the Township.

Council’s two major concerns are that:

  • the integrity of all of our water systems are protected
  • construction of the pipeline underneath the Madawaska River will not affect any aquifers currently providing fresh water to area residents

Council has been and continues to be in contact with TransCanada, and has submitted a request to the NEB to be considered for intervenor status. Other actions have also been taken. These include:

  • attending a public hearing conducted by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) in early 2015 — attended by Councillors Mark Mackenzie and Heather Lang
  • submitting a report to the OEB [Lindsey, put link to report here and send it to web designer] outlining Council’s concerns in conjunction with The Greer Group
  • submitting a formal request to the NEB asking for intervenor status

The Council will continue to work within the process to insist on the highest standards available to protect our water.

Notice: The Township of McNab/Braeside has been granted intervenor status by the National Energy Board. A presentation will be made to the NEB in November 2016 in Kingston.