Drive-By Easter Egg Hunt 2021

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Want some hints on where to find our featured eggs? Check out below:

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Hint #2

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Hint #6

The Township of McNab/Braeside has organized a fun event for everyone to enjoy. We are a solid year into pandemic life, which marks a second year of traditional Easter egg hunts being cancelled. We thought we could still have some fun though, but we will need the participation of you, our residents to make the most of this. The more people who participate, the more fun this egg hunt will be!
The ask:
Create an Easter Egg and decorate it however you would like. Use WHATEVER you have available(paper, cardboard, bristol board, wood, recycled materials.,etc) and get creative! Recommended to make your egg large enough that others will be able to see it from the road.
Display your Easter Egg. Hang your masterpiece up, and make sure it is visible from the road so our hunters can find it. You can display it on your front door, window, garage door, staked into your front yard, hanging from a tree, or on your mailbox. Display your Easter Egg before Friday, April 2nd and post it using hashtag #McNabBraesideEggHunt for a chance to win a prize.
Go hunting for Easter Eggs between April 2nd-April 5th. Hop in your car and go for a mini road trip around The Township of McNab/Braeside. Or you could even walk around your neighborhood(make sure to follow social distancing rules). Hunt for as many eggs as you can find. Please do not take the eggs. Post your findings using hashtag #McNabBraesideEggHunt or email to to be entered for a chance to win a prize.
We will also hide 6 FEATURED eggs for you to find.
-2 in McNab
-2 in Braeside
-2 in White Lake
Clues will be posted on our Drive By Easter Egg Hunt event page before the hunt begins on Friday, April 2,2021.