Trail Maintenance at Gillies Grove Nature Reserve - Beginning February 20, 2022

Trail Maintenance at Gillies Grove Nature Reserve

February 16, 2022

Arnprior, Ontario

Routine tree maintenance to be performed this spring at local nature reserve

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) will be starting essential tree maintenance and removal at its Gillies Grove Nature Reserve beginning February 20, 2022.

Trails at Gillies Grove, a beloved local nature reserve, will be undergoing maintenance in late February and early March to help improve visitor experience and natural habitats on the property. Work being done includes the removal of hazardous trees and trees that have fallen across trails. There will also be work done to trim trees and clean up branches to reduce future safety hazards.

Trails, or sections of trails, may be temporarily closed while this work is taking place. NCC is asking trail users to exercise caution when visiting Gillies Grove and to obey all signage and trail closures.

Tree removal and trimming is part of ongoing work to improve the trail system at Gillies Grove and make it more publicly accessible. Throughout 2022, NCC, along with independent contractors, will be undertaking various efforts to make the property easier to navigate, reduce hazards and increase public safety. Additional work can be expected, including installing new informational and directional signs along with trail maps throughout the spring.

NCC is a charitable organization and relies on support from donors, volunteers and neighbours. It is important for our neighbours and visitors to do their part in making sure that this special place is cared for and maintained for generations to come. NCC kindly reminds visitors to stay on marked trails, keep their pets leashed and to not litter or dump any organic waste while enjoying their time at the Gillies Grove Nature Reserve.


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