Bureau of Architectural Design & Urbanism

Bureau of Architectural Design & Urbanism
76 Craig Street
Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
K7S 2W1
Phone: 2896896813

The Bureau of Architectural Design & Urbanism Inc., or just BAD for short, focuses on the design of the big and small, the intimate and social, the Avant-Garde and rational, the static and dynamic. BAD seeks to create spaces, objects, and urbanisms that merge with their surroundings, be it core of the city or quiet forest. By working hand in hand with the client, BAD seeks to achieve balanced goals of aesthetic and budget. 

Located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, BAD services clients all over the province. Leveraging more than a decade of multi-disciplinary design experience from single family homes, multi-storey condo, institutional and commercial, BAD is there to begin planning your architectural needs. 

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